Tele-Fundraiser I (Classic Division)

The Classic Division targets the large number of members who serve as the foundation for non-profit organizations – generally those that give less than $150 annually and have a modest commitment. This division delivers high quality direct marketing programs at a reasonable price using a predictive dialer. The programs include the traditional renewal, sustainer, appeal, and
lapsed telefundraising programs, as well as cultivation techniques such as welcome, thank-you, and pre-calls.

This division has a 2-week paid training program which teaches new hires how to make solid fundraising calls while cultivating strong relationships with donors.

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Tele-Fundraiser II (Hybrid Division)

The Hybrid Division takes donor relations to a higher level, adding greater cultivation into each telephone call. With the help of our Hybrid division, our clients have elevated their organization’s use of the telephone to a more high-end, personalized, and cultivation-based platform that fosters donor loyalty well beyond the parameters of the single campaign, and cross-pollinates all other channels of an organization’s direct marketing campaign.

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Tele-Fundraiser III (Coop Division)

The Co-op Division was created in response to the growing trend of negativity in telemarketing. Its mission is to make better quality, longer calls with far more committed and better trained representatives that would offer donors a far more interactive and positive calling experience than those calls provided by our competitors. Using an array of advanced personalization techniques exclusive to The Co-op, we are able to lavish more attention and establish a deeper connection with each individual donor. The Co-op is a uniquely cooperative arrangement among clients that synergize and share insider secrets while also committing to ongoing programs, allowing DSG to provide its callers with a consistent and stable array of work. The result is a group of highly qualified agents – the best in the nation – who are passionate about their work and pride themselves on truly understanding the goals and programs of each member organization.

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